Tuesday, September 17, 2013

The new Mahabharat - महाकाव्य महाभारत का नया अवतार

The first episode of an ambitious new TV Series is aired on television today. The promos were seen since many days and I also heard that this is the costliest TV Series which is going to be telecasted on Indian Television.

TV Series Ramayan (by Ramananda Sagar) and Mahabhat (by B.R. Chopra) were two landmark shows ever telecasted in India and every new mythological series will definitely be put for comparison with them.

Those original TV Series were masterpieces that touched many hearts to the extent that the actors portraying the Gods were actually considered so by many and honoured. Though they were oceans of feelings and backed up by great acting skills, they were limited by the technology of the time as far as special effects are concerned.

I remember Aamir Khan once said that his dream project is creation of Mahabharat and that the movies like Lord of the Rings are nothing if any such project is successfully executed. He was referring to the hugeness of the epic and the possibilities that it brings with it. Even imagining Mahabharat with strong acting performances backed by superb effects as seen in Hollywood is a treat. Though we might have to wait bit longer for Aamir to execute his dream project, we have something similar to be happy about.

Correctly said in the making of Mahabharat (telecasted after the episode, few minutes), a TV series based on this epic has to be a huge project. Looking at the promos and the people involved, which includes personalities like Rajit KapoorDevdutt PattanaikThomas XavierBhanu AthaiyaAjay-Atul etc, this series cannot be written off as just another attempt on the Legend of Mahabharat. Though the special effects, huge sets and colourful backgrounds stands out but after looking at the first episode, I must tell that please do not compare it with those of LOTR and other Hollywood flicks. That said, it is a giant leap for the Indian Television and should be warmly welcomed.

Characters introduced - पात्र परिचय

Shantanu शांतनु - King of Hastinapur.

Satyawati सत्यवती- Wife of Shantanu, Daughter of the King of Fishermen.

Bheeshma भीष्म - (Also: Devratt देव्रत्त) Son of Ganga and Shantanu.
Later called Bheeshma Pitamah.


Ganga गंगा - Mother of Bheeshma. Wife of Shantanu. (in context)

Story told in 1st Episode:

The Boat Ride:
King Shantanu and Satyawati on a boat ride. Satyawati sees huge golden fish and decides to hunt it. After much effort she succeeds. Shatanu offers to help while she was struggling but she insists of doing it on her own.
The incident shows her ambition which knows no leaps and bounds.

Attack on a Village:
Deamons attack a village of Hastinapur kingdom. When they captured many villagers and were taking them away, a man comes to the rescue. He was Devratt.

Devratt meets Shantanu:
Deamons were defeated by Devratt, they surrenders, and tells Devratt that their region is also attacked constantly. Devratt says, "from now onwards, no-one will trespass others territory". While this conversation was going on, King Shantanu arrives and attacks the deamons. Devratt tries to stop him. King Shantanu asks Devratt, can he take these deamons away when his army has blocked they way. Devratt then parts river Ganga flowing at the side through his arrows. Surprised, King Shantanu asks how Ganga allowed her flow to be stopped, to which Mata Ganga appears and reveals that Devratt is infact his and Ganga's son.

King Shantanu's dilemma:
On meeting his son Devratt, King Shantanu becomes very happy as he has now got his Heir. But his love Satyawati, who is very ambitious, tells him to choose either his Son from Ganga or herself as her "Maharani". She was afraid that if Devratt becomes the prince, she can never get Queens status and her children will never get the position that they will get otherwise.
Devratt observes the sadness on his father's face and vow to find the reason and resolve the same. When he reach Satyavati, she makes him aware of her worry. She says that King Shantanu cannot get both of the pleasures, he can either enjoy the pleasure of his son's company or he can get her as his wife. On this, Devratt says that he will ensure that his father have both the pleasures.

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