Monday, March 11, 2013

The close-ness of Indian Mythology to the Nature...

On the day of Maha-Shivratrai, let's have a look at the family of Bhagwan Shiv which gives a beautiful example of co-existence.
In the Shiv family, there exits Snake and Mouse together, which are otherwise considered as predator and prey respectively. Snake being the ornament of Lord Shiva and Mouse being the vehicle of Lord Ganesha.

In Indian mythology, if we look close enough, we will find different trees and animals associated with different Gods, which on one hand connects Indian mythology and it's followers to the nature and teaches them to respect it; on the other hand, it also gives beautiful examples of how different species, being however diverse, can co-exist in a peaceful environment.

India, being such a diverse country has lived upto it's mythology to an extent, but have a narrow, bumpy road to traverse ahead.

P.S. This article is inspired by the message of Sh. Narendra Bhai Modi to the Indian diaspora. Link to the video attached below. 

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